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Virtual Annual Election Meeting

Event Starts: February 02, 2022


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Webinar ID: 580-944-843

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As the Managing Agent for Travis Ranch Property Owners Association, Inc., we are pleased to announce that the Virtual Annual Election Meeting of the Members has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 2, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to elect one (1) Class A member to the Board of Directors. Enclosed in this packet you will find the Draft Agenda, Proxy, Ballot, and Candidacy Statements. You may now cast your vote Electronically on your Association’s Website at or you may email, mail, or fax in your Ballot or Proxy using the information provided below.

The annual election meeting cannot be held without the proper quorum; therefore, it is important that you complete and return the proxy in the event that you are not able to attend the meeting. A Ballot cast electronically shall also count for quorum. If you vote online, please do not return a ballot or proxy and do not assign your proxy to another owner as it will not be counted.

Please Note: Floor Nominations and Write-in Candidates cannot be accommodated for an election held vitrually.

If you do not vote online, it is important that your Ballot or Proxy be returned by 5:00 p.m. on January 31, 2022, for it to be counted.

There are 4 ways you can vote:

    1. You may now vote Electronically on your Association’s Website at
    2. Email your Ballot or Proxy to or
    3. Fax your Ballot or Proxy to: (469) 342-8205 ATTN: Ashlyn Nader
    4. Mail the Ballot or Proxy to:
      Travis Ranch
      C/O Essex Association Management, L.P.
      ATTN: Ashlyn Nader
      1512 Crescent Drive, Ste. 112,
      Carrollton, TX 75006

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We look forward to you joining us on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. All documentation enclosed will be posted to the Association’s website. Only the Owner of record or the proxy holder may cast votes. It is very important that all documents are returned by or before the deadline mentioned above. For any questions, please contact us via the “Contact Us” tab on the Association’s website.

Click here to download and read the Travis Ranch - Notice - 2.2.22

Click here to download and read the Travis Ranch - Draft Agenda - 2.2.22

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Click here to download and complete the Travis Ranch Jan 2022 Proxy