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Declaration of Covenant, Conditions, and Restriction (DCC&Rs) helps Property Owners maintain the community’s appearance, enhance property value, and establish general scheme for the development of the property. Each owner receives a copy of the DCC&Rs at closing of the house. The HOA has the authority to enforce the terms, provisions, and conditions of the DCC&Rs and to impose reasonable penalties per day if a homeowner, tenant or guest does not follow these regulations.

The Top-Ten DCC&R Violations are NOT the only rules. These are the most common ones. Please read your entire DCC&R for full understanding.

Top Ten DCC&R Violations

  • What purpose can I use my home for?

    Each home is to be used only by a single family for private residential purposes. It is illegal to use one house for multiple-families.
  • How should my lawn and landscaping be maintained?

    Lawn should be mowed regularly and maintain the landscape in good condition all the time. No hedge shall obstruct any sidewalk or visibility of intersections of street. All residence should have at least one tree in front. Store all tools, equipments, etc. where it is not visible from street level.
  • Can I park my car or work vehicle on the street?

    No parking is allowed on the street except temporarily. Vehicles should not block sidewalks and emergency vehicles.
  • Can I park other vehicles on the street?

    Boats, trailers, motor-homes, campers and commercial vehicles are NOT allowed to be parked on the driveway or on the street. Park it in the garage if possible.
  • Where can I store my trash containers?

    After the trash day, the trash containers should be stored in a garage or some place where it is NOT visible from the street and the adjoining Lots.
  • Can I work on my car on the street?

    All work on vehicles should be done in the garage except for regular maintenance.
  • I want to paint my house. What do I need to do?

    An ACC form (Architectural Control Committee) should be approved in writing by HOA before any exterior construction, painting, building, roof extension, fence, shed, patio, etc.
  • Can I add a basketball goal to my property?

    A basketball goal is permitted only on the driveway, upright, secured and not on the lawn or street.
  • Can I let FiFi run free in the neighborhood?

    Pets should be kept within fenced area, not allowed to run free and become a nuisance to neighbors.
  • Does it pay to know the HOA rules and pay my dues on time?

    The HOA may charge violation fines, and interest or late charges for delinquent HOA dues, which are payable immediately and will constitute as a continuing lien upon the property.

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